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Patient Warming System

During anesthetic and perioperative period, hypothermia’s adverse effect to patients would reflect: effecting cardiovascular system, surgical area infection, increasing bleeding and blood transfusion, incidence rate of shivering is increased by 40%, debasing oxygen transporting, etc.
By warming up the patient and keeping body warm, our patient warming system can effectively prevent the above mentioned hypothermia and complication.

Model List:

Warm 6100  

Patient Cooling System

From the year of 2005, International CPR guidebook has suggested to use hypothermia therapy for resuscitation patient. Mild hhypothermia can reduce levels of antibodies of serum anti-brain significantly, thus to protect brain. The brain protective mechanism is related to mild hypothermia which reduces the serum-related inflammatory damage on brain cells.
Through all or local body temperature control on patient, this cooling system apply mild hypothermia therapy to patient, which effects more obviously to CPR patient and cardiocerebral injury patient in the early therapy stage.
Applications: neurosurgery, ICU, neurology, outpatient, anesthetic, cardio-thoracic surgery, respiration, hematology department, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc.

Model List: