Suspension System

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ICU ceiling-mounted rail system

The ceiling-mounted rail system is the necessary emergency assistant devices in ICU room. In dry and wet separate system, dry zone is equipped with monitor and wet zone is equipped with infusion device. And the combination bridge of dry and wet saves room space.

Model List:

ICU ceiling-mounted rail system combined   ICU ceiling-mounted rail system separated  

ICU pendants

ICU pendants are the must emergency assistant devices in ICU room. ICU davit suits for small-sized monitoring area for its compact body. The ICU combination pendants are available according to the medical staffs’ request.

Model List:

ICU combination pendant   ICU power column  

Surgical and anesthesia pendant

This series of pendant is the ideal working platform for medical gases, power sockets, internet terminal and devices placement. It is movable and easy to be locked at the required location. Electric-driven anesthesia pendant can suspend and lift anesthesia machine to the required location. Standard configuration surgical and anesthesia pendants have different sockets’ types. Also it is customized.

Model List:

Double arm electric pendant   Single arm electric pendant   Double arm mechanical pendant   Single arm mechanical pendant  

Endoscope pendants

Endoscope pendant is the placing platform for endoscope therapy devices, mainly used in general surgical department, urology department, gynecology department, thoracic surgery department, etc. it can move it can move easily and lock at the required location. The electric pendant and hanger and lift the endoscope to the required place.

Model List:

Double arm electric endoscope pendant   Single arm electric endoscope pendant   Double arm endoscope pendant   Single arm endoscope pendant