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Name:Anesthesia trolley KHZB12V1-A0004

Appearance size: 600mm X 545mm X 800mm
Package size: 680mm X 625mm X 880mm
Package: wooden cases

Feature Parameter
High load capacity, easy to control
Individual caster’s load capacity: ≥150kg
Inside plate and the screw rod are patently treated for high corrosion-resistant.
The inner core is using chromium steel with ABS external, ultra PU casters for silence design.
Silence sliding rail
All pull-out structure, easy to push and pull.
Very small friction, smooth sliding.
Damping springback structure.
Rail self-clean system
Aluminum profile frame
The trolley use different front column and rear column aluminum profile as frame.
Much more space design
A lot of dual-layer drawers can meet different height requirement of drug storage.
Equipped with implicit side working surface to enlarge working space.
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