Suspension System

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Name:Double arm electric pendant

Suspension arms: double arms
Extension radius: 600mm-2000mm,customization is available.
Rotating scope: ≥340°
Lifting height: 400mm
Gases ends of surgical pendant: O2、Air、Vac
Gases ends of anesthesia pendant: O2、Air、Vac、N2O、AGSS

Feature Parameter
Internationalized design
International appearance and color scheme;
Variety standards of gases, power and weak current terminal are available;
International standard accessories, convenient for exchanging.
Superior structure performance
Adapting reliable bearing, rotating scope ≥340°;
Shelf boards ensure maximum load capacity. The height and location of shelf boards can be adjusted with requirements.
The side bar provides more extensions.
Height adjustable infusion stand can match infusion pump and syringe pump perfectly.
Superior quality
High strength aluminum profile and modular and large-scale production.
Modular installation and commissioning .
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