BST-1000 Irrigation tower

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BST-1000 Irrigation tower

Applications:Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Intervention, Emergency Department, Operating Room, etc.
Product introduction: Power-assisted irrigation tower, to ensure the efficient and continuous perfusion of flushing fluid and prevent the danger of air entering the joint cavity. It is convenient for medical staff to operate, reduces the workload. The product is safe and practical.
Power-assisted hanging

1.Good stability: The diameter of the base is up to 70cm, and it comes with a counterweight, no need of additional gravity balance devices;

2. Lifting assist mechanism: mechanical spring assist, it can lift up to 48Kg (48000cc) flushing fluid (saline bag) with no effort.

3. Complete mechanical mechanism: oil-free and self-lubricating design, no need to worry about oil pollution and oil leakage;

4. Four independent hooks: which can be used simultaneously or separately;

5. Ergonomic design handle: The handle conforms to the human-oriented engineering design, which is comfortable to grip, and can be easily adjust the lifting height.

6. High safety: The five-star base is equipped with silent casters (with lock) to ensure more safety and stability.