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AII Patient Cooling System

Effective mild hypothermia therapy to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and craniocerebral injury.
Input power:900 VA
Cooling capacity:2120 W
Pump flow rate:75 L/min
Body temp setting range:30℃ ~ 38.5℃
Water temp setting range:3℃ ~ 20℃
Temp cooling rate:under the environment temp of 23℃,>1℃/60s
Noise: ≦58 dB
Alarm:short of water、Sensor failure


As low as the patient bed
One control machine can work with 4 blankets.



One prop four

One host can prop four pads at the same time, which can cover head, body, bilateral femoral artery, thus it makes the blanket surface contact area with the patient up to 40%, significantly improve heat exchange efficiency.

Strong momentum

2120 watts of cooling capacity compressor, pump circulation flow 75 liters per minute, with equal diameter waterways and random flow design low resistance carpet surface, providing sufficient energy to ensure efficient heat exchange.

Simple but safe

It is one-key control surface, simple and easy. Data memory function can help immediate startup once under the same condition for saving therapy time.

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