Warm6200 Patient warming system

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Warm6200 Patient warming system

Warm6200 patient warming system is used to warm a patient’s body with heat generating from the electrical mattresses/blankets for preventing hypothermia.
warming patient in Operating room, ICU Waterproof quiet easy operation

Automatic recognizing and managing the temperature of the connecting heating system.

One control unit can work with two heating system simutaneously.

Auto saving each alarm information for history review.

Humanized help mode for solving clinical problem in time.

        ◆ Fast heating, high thermal efficiency, high strength and long service life.

        ◆ Low voltage operation, it ensures the safety of both patients and users.

        ◆ Waterproofit is no hazard if there are any liquid on heating system.
It gives uniform heating across the whole surface and temperature fluctuation is small as well.