Warm6100 Patient warming system

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Warm6100 Patient warming system

Warm6100 Patient warming system is used to warm a patient’s body with heat generating from the electrical mattresses/blankets for preventing hypothermia.
warming patient in Operating room, ICU Waterproof quiet easy operation

Non-metal heating material helps the quality of imaging examination during operation.

Easy to run, no noise.

No air disturbance, compact size, no effect on surgical environment and surgical site.

Easy to clean and disinfect the surface, professional design for operating table.

Different configuration for general and special surgeries.

Low voltage operation - It ensures the safety of both patients and users.

Waterproof - It is no hazard if there are any liquid on heating system.

Flexible carbon fiber heating technology - It features of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, high strength and long service life.

Even heat distributing - It gives uniform heating across the whole surface and temperature fluctuation is small as well.

Pressure-relief layer with high elasticity - It provides larger surface contact area and higher conductivity, and offers high efficient warming effect for patients.It plays very import role on preventing pressure ulcer.

The mattress surface is easy to clean, specially design for operating table.

Three sizes of mattress are optional, applicable for general operation and special operation.

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